Shrink Sleeve

Great colors, crisp final results, shrink sleeves help achieve a seamless product that highlights the design over the bottle. These sleeves help elevate and protect your product from tampering as it evenly seals the entire container after heat shrinkage.

  • Protects your product
  • Easy application
  • Seamless appearance
  • Bright and crisp color

Fastest Turnaround for Custom Labels in the Industry

Because losing one week can sometimes mean losing an order…don’t let that happen.

What Are Shrink Sleeves ?


Shrink sleeves are the perfect option for industries such as Supplements and Beverages.

The heat shrinking ability allows for the design of your label to surround and embellish the entire container. This adds a seamless appearance that emphasizes the product while protecting it from tampering.

If you don’t want to print, we can still offer a clear option that is cut to fit your container. Need to just seal the Lid or Top of your bottle? No problem, we can create customized neck bands with your logo or designs to help promote your brand identity.

Commonly used for:

  • Cosmetics products
  • Healthcare products
  • Food & beverage product
  • Fashion products
  • Supplements products
  • CBD products
  • Vape products
  • Electronics products
  • Cosmetic Products
  • Healthcare Products
  • Food & Beverage Products
  • Fashion Products
  • Supplement Products
  • CBD Products
  • Vape Products
  • Electronic Products

Products Using Shrink Sleeves

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