Do you have questions?

Below you will find answers to the most common questions you may have about Stickler USA and our services. Please feel free to reach out to us if you still can’t find the answer you are looking for CONTACT US!

What is a rolling direction or unwind direction?

If your labels will be applied by machine it is necessary to confirm the requirements of your lab’s equipment and the orientation the rolls require. If you are applying the labels by hand, this would not apply

What is required to receive a quote?

When requesting a quote we will need to know the size, quantities, SKUs, and material. If you are not sure which material you require we can assist you by sending you samples or walking you through our suggested materials (depending on the product).

What file formats are accepted to receive a digital proof?

We prefer to receive vector files in Illustrator format with outlined texts. If you only have image files, the minimum resolution acceptable for printing is 300 dpi, but we recommend up to 600 dpi. Acceptable file formats include: ai,eps, pdf, and psd.

We DO NOT accept the following file formats: Word, Excel, Publisher, PNG, Corel Draw, Bitmap, InDesign, or Canva files.

What is your MOQ for ordering labels, soft packaging, and boxes?

We usually recommend a minimum of at least 500 labels. The minimums for soft packaging and boxes start at 1000, but depending on any special effects required the minimums might change. If you need any special effects such as Hot Stamping, Cold Stamping, Raised Varnish, or Spot UV please reach out to any of our customer service
representatives and we can walk you through the quoting process and minimums.

What is the turnaround time from when the order is placed to when it is shipped?

For standard adhesive label orders that DO NOT require any new plates or die cuts, the turnaround time is 3-5 business days. For Soft Packaging, the turnaround can vary between 2-3 weeks depending on the materials and quantities requested. For Box orders, the turnaround time is a minimum of 1 month.

Will I receive an email when the order is placed and shipped?

Once your order is placed and shipped you will receive an email with a confirmation and tracking number

What payment methods do you accept when ready to place an order?

We accept all major credit cards, ACH, Direct Deposits, Wire Transfers, and Checks. If paying by check, we will need to receive the check before processing the order.

Are these labels durable for window displays or to display on car windows?

We currently do not carry Vinyl materials that are durable for outdoor weather conditions. We can print window labels that are only recommended for indoor use.

Which labels will be more suitable for a product with liquids?

The most suitable material for products that contain liquids or that will be exposed to moisture such as beverages, shampoos, and oils are any of the Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) materials such as Silver Bopp, White Bopp, Hologram Bopp, or Clear Bopp. They are plastic-based materials that are durable and moisture-resistant.

Will there be a charge per color on the label?

We do not charge per color for digital labels. The only special charges are for Custom Die Cuts or any new Plates that may be required for special effects such as Spot UV, Raised Varnish, or Hot/Cold Stamping. When printing boxes and Pantone colors are required the price may vary due to the Pantone Inks, but this only applies to Boxes or rigid
packaging orders.

Will my labels/boxes/bags print in better quality with Digital printing vs Flexo printing?

The quality of the printed image will first require the artwork to have a high resolution and or be a vector file. In overall comparison, Digital printing will often time provide a better quality image with more detail due to thinner layers of ink but with the advancement of printing technologies in both Flexographic and Digital printers, the quality is often comparable.

What info is needed to be eligible for NET 30?

We do not offer terms for new clients.

Do we offer environmentally friendly materials?

Our HP Indigo digital printers use HP Indigo inks that are able to be deinked from substrates during the recycling process. We carry paper materials and BOPP materials that are only recyclable when paired to a similar substrate (for example a paper label on a paper box, or a BOPP label on a BOPP Bottle). Also of note, digital printing reduces
waste by decreasing printing plates and cleaning cycles associated with analog printing. If you wish to learn more we can share the HP Indigos sustainability report please reach out to us.

Is there a price difference between Matte and Gloss finish?

No, there is no price difference between Matte or Gloss Finish. The price is only different if you require a lamination.Laminations are an additional transparent plastic film that is layered over the surface of your label and also comes in either a Matte or Gloss option.

What is the difference between Flexo printing and Digital printing?

Flexographic printing requires the creation of flexible relief plates of the label image. A plate is created for each color required and the ink is transferred from the ink roll in a uniform thickness and onto the substrate at high speeds. Due to the additional costs of plates, Flexo printing is only recommended for large-quantity print runs and this would be determined based on the size of your label, the quantity required, and the number of SKUs.
Digital printing only requires the digital image and is printed directly onto the substrate without the need for plates. This also means you are able to print multiple SKUs of the same size and material without any additional plate fees. Digital printing is most suitable and recommended for smaller print runs with multiple arts and when requiring a fast turnaround time.

What is the difference between CMYK, RGB, and Pantone colors?

When dealing with artwork for print there are many things to consider when it comes to color. Most importantly all artwork submitted to print should be in a CMYK color profile. What does this mean? CMYK stands for “Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key Black” and our printing presses combine these colors in various degrees of ink to create
the final print image. Artwork should NOT be designed in RGB color profiles (Red, Green, and Blue primary colors of light) as this format is only for Digital Devices, meaning artwork that will be used for use on digital media such as computers or anything with a screen. The Pantone color system is a standardized color matching system that is used globally in order to specify colors with more certainty and uniformly amongst printed media. These colors are coded and should be used if you want to make sure your Brand colors do not print differently depending on the printer or the medium. We are able to match to Pantone’s when requested.

Do you offer Graphic Design Services?

At this time we do not offer graphic design services. If you require very minimal edits or adjustments you may request this from one of our design specialists who will review your existing artwork to see if we are able to assist you. We do have a design fee of $45.00 per hour, depending on the request.

Do you color match?

If you have an existing sample of your label and need us to match it to your existing printed sample please mail it to us prior to placing your order so we can match it to your sample. If you require matching to a Pantone, first make sure the artwork is created using the selected Pantone and advise us to match it for digital labels (since we do not carry Pantone inks for labels, we match visually).

What is a die cut and do I need to purchase one?

Die Cuts are tooled metal plates that cut the shape of your label from the printed material. Most of our clients will use one of our existing die cuts from our in-stock inventory. If you have a custom shape or do not like any of our existing options you may purchase a new die cut for a one-time fee of $250.00. Die cuts do not apply to Flexible Packaging or Boxes.

Do my labels come on Rolls?

Yes. All of our printed labels will arrive in Rolls with our standard 3” cores. If you require a different size core or a specific amount of labels per roll, please make sure to advise your customer service representative prior to ordering.
If you do not want rolls and would prefer individually cut labels be advised this does incur a fee.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we can ship internationally but please confirm the shipping location with your customer service specialist when you request a quote as prices may vary depending on the country. Also, please note Stickler USA is not responsible for any additional duties and fees associated with shipping to countries outside of the United States.

Can you ship to various locations?

Yes, we can ship to multiple locations but our quotes will only cover one location free of shipping charges, any secondary locations will incur a shipping fee.

What is your return policy?

We do not have a return policy. Each client has 30 days to file a claim in regard to any discrepancies found at the time of delivery. At the time of the claim, the labels cannot be applied to the final containers or used in any way. We suggest all of our clients review their orders once they receive them. For any problems with the labels that are incurred due to the fault of technical issues related to our printers, we will review and reprint them in a timely manner. If pre-press proofs are approved by the client and the labels are printed as approved we cannot be held responsible for typos, size of fonts, barcode issues, die-cut discrepancies, colors existing on the original artwork, etc. as the prepress proof is an agreement, between the customer and Stickler USA, that all aspects of the proof have been reviewed by the client and are approved and ready to print.

What special effects/finishes do you offer?

Depending on the type of order you are placing the special effects will vary. For labels and boxes, we offer Hot Stamping, Spot UV, Raised Varnish, Cold Stamping, Silver Ink, Laminations, Embossing, and standard finishes. For Flexible Packaging, we offer Gloss and Matte finish and Spot UV.

Do you offer specialized adhesives?

Some of our materials do allow for adhesive options such as Hot Melt, Removable, or Permanent. Please reach out to one of our customer service representatives and they can advise on available options.

How can I receive samples?

General samples of printed materials are available free of charge. If you require printed samples of your existing label artwork the charge starts at $50.00 for one size, up to 3 images. For shrink sleeves, the sample fee is $150.00 for one art. Box or Flexible packaging samples require the review of the size, art, and materials for custom sample fees which can range anywhere from $75.00 to $300 depending on your specific requirements.

Do you offer free shipping?

Our quotes will include shipping to any one destination.

Do you charge setup/tooling fees?

No, our quotes will not include setup fees. We do charge tooling fees only when having to create a custom die cut for special size requests or special custom shapes. If you wish to avoid this fee we have thousands of die-cut options that may be close to your desired size.

Can you assist me with label compliance/regulations?

No. Any compliance or regulations should be reviewed by your team or lab that is manufacturing your product. They should have the requirements that meet the regulations of your product.